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Direct Cremation with Memorial Gathering


Lankford Funeral Home & Crematory is located in DeLand, Florida. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our caring, compassionate staff have the knowledge and expertise to help you plan a memorable service people will remember for years to come. 

We offer a variety of affordable burial, cremation, funeral, and memorial services that can be tailored to meet the needs of each family. 

Service Direct Cremation with Memorial Gathering 

With this option, your loved one is cremated before the Memorial Gathering. The cremated remains are then placed in an urn and may be present for the Memorial Gathering. After the Memorial Gathering, the cremated remains are then released to the family or informant.

Our Direct Cremation with Memorial Gathering to Follow (Body Not Present) includes:

  • Local transfer of remains from place of death to our facility

  • Services of our funeral director(s) and staff

  • Obtaining necessary authorizations

  • An alternative container for cremation

  • Memorial Gathering held at our facility with cremated remains placed in an urn as selected. Floral selections are available as well.

  • Following Memorial Gathering, release of cremated remains to the next-of-kin or informant

  • Catering options available

Our caring staff is here for you when you are ready to make the call: 386-734-2244.

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