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Each year around the world we come together to celebrate a few dates that have meaning to many of us.

It warms my heart to know that Valentine’s Day is universally celebrated on February 14th. Some countries have unique traditions like Denmark, where they share white flowers and guessing games. The Japanese share obligatory chocolate and the Philippines have been celebrating Valentine's Day with mass weddings.

No matter how you celebrate Valentine's Day, what we all do share in common - is love.

If you follow our Facebook feed, you will notice that I am always sharing #love. I've often said if we lead with love all things are possible. No matter how difficult the path may be - love will always lead you through.

But sometimes, it is difficult to show someone, let alone tell them, I love you.

When I go through difficult times, I always say, “how many summers do you have left?” 10, 15, 20 maybe? This is my reminder of how precious life is and that every moment counts. We should never wait until something goes wrong to express love. Life is short, and as you get older, you understand this more clearly.

This month, I encourage you to step out in love daily. Below I have added a daily to-do calendar of love.

Each day I challenge you to express love. Through this, I hope that you will feel love. This little reminder can make a big impact in your life - and yes, those you love.

Cheryl Lankford

Funeral Director


Day 1. Love yourself Do something special for yourself. When you take care of yourself, you gain the energy to care for others. Day 2. Read about love No matter if it is a love story from the Bible, poetry, quotes, or a book - read about love. Day 3. Tell someone a love story Share with others a love story. This could be able anything you love. Just be sure to use the word love in your storytelling. Day 4. Write a letter of love May it be a note, postcard, or letter, tell someone you love them and pop it in the mail. There’s nothing quite like receiving a message of love in the mail. Day 5. Call someone today and let them you love them However, when you call, share a story about why you love them - don’t just say it to button up the call. Day 6. Remember love Reflect today on something in your love that made you feel loved. Was it the day you married? The day you received something? No matter what it was, reflect on how it made you feel. Day 7. Share love secretly Create an act of love without the person knowing where it comes from.

Day 8. Love food? Take someone to lunch or pay for someone’s lunch when you’re in line buying your lunch. Day 9. Go with the flow! Show love by opening a door for someone. Day 10. Donate It can be your time, donating close, or buying Girl Scout cookies. No matter what, today is about donating to a good cause. Day 11. Use the word! Challenge yourself to use the word love 10 times today. The more you use it, the more you will feel it. Day 12. Smile When you smile, the world lights up and others will smile back. Create a chain reaction of lighting the energy around you. Day 13. Hug Give someone you love a hug. There’s nothing like a genuine loving hug. Day 14. Celebrate love Today is a day to receive and give love. Simply be present at this moment. Day 15. Be a good listener Part of a loving heart is to be present for others. Sometimes the greatest way to show love is to silently sit and listen. Share with the loved one that you’re here for them when they need someone to talk to. Day 16. Do something fun! They say laughter is good for the soul. So do something fun today that allows you to laugh. Releasing these energies raises your levels and love naturally flows. Day 17. Call a friend day! Call a friend randomly and schedule a lunch date. It will make their day, and show them how much you care and love for them.

Day 18. Provide a healthy meal to a stranger Express your gratitude for your blessings by blessing someone in need with a healthy meal. Day 19. Praise another person Advocating for another person is a great way to show love. When we lift others up - we are also lifted. Day 20. Okay, go ahead and text someone you love them! Today, you are challenged to send 10 people an “I love you” text. Something simple, yet powerfully loving. Day 21. Lighten someone’s load! May it be taking out the trash, doing the dishes, or helping with a project. Lighten someone’s load today. Day 22. Ask for Advice Ask those around you how you can be a better mother, father, sister, brother, boss, co-worker, or friend. Get some feedback on your love levels, so you can make healthy adjustments. Whether that be a love for family, work, sports, etc.

Day 23. Take a walk Take 30 minutes today to walk by yourself. Taking a walk to get the blood pumping is so good and self-loving. Give it a try. Day 24. Take a walk with a friend Today, walk with a friend. Let them know you took a walk alone yesterday to spark a natural conversation about self-love and that you wanted them to express this, so they can ask another friend to do it with them the next day, and so on. Try and see how many people will take a walk inspired by you and your message of love. Day 25. Take a rest Take a moment today to sit quietly. 100% alone in your thoughts and breath. Day 26. It’s all in our language Today see how many times others use the word, love. Day 27. The writings on the wall Find 4 great love quotes that mean something to you and write them down. Place one on the frig, one in the bathroom, one on your nightstand in your bedroom, and one on the back of your doors. Day 28. See the love As you wake today and move throughout your home, see the love written on the wall. See it in the people you love. See it in the world you have created. Today, I’m here to share with you that I’m so proud you took this love challenge and to say - I love you. Have an amazing day. You are love. You are loved. You are love.


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