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Anthony Mario Malena

Anthony Mario Malena


“Where words fail, music speaks”

Anthony Mario Malena, 1968-2021, A lifelong computer professional who built them, programmed them and networked them, he was the MacGyver of everything computers. A musician with talent and a timeless, eclectic taste in all genres while pushing his four children to learn an instrument of their choice. A connoisseur of comics. Reading ROM Spaceknight as a kid and as he would say, “the rest is history” as evident with his extensive and well organized collection. A devout, passionate and determined parent. Working to keep his children fed, clothed and housed while raising them to be independent thinkers. He was actively involved in their activities, the man behind the lense. His children are his world, each with a different personality which he was patient and loving enough to guide through life's ups and downs. He was a proud Dad as he would on many occasions mention in his own way, and he was a wonderful Papa to his grandbabies. Father of the “Mighty” Four, My Love Always - Daniella Lorraine Malena (son, Landon Malena), Amanda Cathryn Macon (husband, Marshall Macon Jr, daughter Makylah Anne, son, Malachi Warren), Anthony Martin Malena (wife, Christina Lynn, son, Anthony John II), Christopher Michael, born to Ann Louise and Anthony John Malena.


The Man.

The Myth.


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My prayers to the family. 🙏🏼❤️

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