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Dr. Gregorio Mori

Dr. Gregorio Mori

03/03/1931 - 03/15/2021

Dr. Gregorio Mori, born March 3, 1931 in Havana, Cuba, now reunited with The Father March 15, 2021. He left his home land with his wife Sonia and children Sonia and John on October 25, 1964 via Mexico and settled in Peoria, Illinois where he began his family practice in medicine in 1968. In January of 1977 Dr. Mori and his family moved to DeLand where he opened his new office and practiced until he retired in 1994. He is survived by his wife Sonia, his daughter Sonia Mori, and his son and daughter-in-law John and Carmen Mori. His grandchildren are Michael Krusick and Cristina Krusick. All are in DeLand.

The scripture that best describes him is 2 Samuel 14:20 which reads: "he is as wise as an angel of God, so that he knows all things on earth."

He was blessed with exceptional wisdom and persevering faith to help others especially in the ministry of healing both physically and emotionally.

Rest in Peace Papi, as now you are truly an angel of God.

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