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Greetings Family and Friends, Happy New Year to All!

Now is the time to look forward to the year ahead that promises absolute possibilities.

Once while visiting my cousin in Wisconsin, the entire neighborhood piled their possessions that no longer served a need into a heaping stack on his property and set it alight! A purging of the community, as it were. I am not sure I would burn items I no longer found value in, but I certainly know I love giving to others. So, at the beginning of the new year, I picked the most disorganized room in my home and garage and took everything out to reorganize or give to a local shelter or charity.

I am sure you will do something similar, right? We start with good intentions at the beginning of a new year, like that new fitness promise you made to yourself, eating well or at least better. Then the promises we made to ourselves somehow slip away as we fall into our life patterns. We get busy, and before too long it feels too late to start something new as the pace of life picks up. However, we still need to keep accountability in our life so we can function clearly.

Journaling, podcasts, or adding something new to keep you focused. These changes can feel challenging at first but can change your life for the better. It can enrich moments, create healing, and help with planning a well-lived life.

The funeral business and those we serve are forever changing with their end-of-life needs, and here at Lankford Funeral Home and Crematory, we make certain we are there to meet those needs.

Our professional cremation and funeral staff are here to guide you through this time in answering the most difficult questions. Guess you could say, in a sense, we are here to help you begin reorganizing the next stage of life. While we can’t walk for you, we can and do walk with you through the grief process.

This year we are proud to say we begin our 73rd year in business serving Volusia County with the same family guiding the way. I always hear people say, “Cheryl, we need to come to talk to you about our arrangements!”

Well, there is no better time to do that than right now.

If you are thinking about it, call us! Let us help you get organized and move forward in a positive peaceful way. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and your family and an amazing way to plan how we all can celebrate you!

Our staff sends wishes for health, wealth, and happiness to all for a great 2023.

Thank you.

Cheryl Lankford

Funeral Director

A Life Well Lived

A life well-lived is a special gift given to you by God Your life was filled with happiness, strength, and love Sometimes, there were sweet moments And other times, there was sadness Nonetheless, you always had a huge smile on your face as you took the world by storm Friendships were formed, true love was found Good times were shared, and so much laughter Throughout the years A life well-lived is a special gift given to you by God Your life was filled with much pride and pleasure The time we got to spend with you we’ll Keep in our hearts to treasure.


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