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Jeanette Cagle

Jeanette Cagle


Jeanette Cagle was born in Baltimore, Maryland on November 12th, 1947, to Wilton Bursey (1917-1993) and Nancy Bursey (1920-2003). Jeanette enjoyed creating and designing outside landscaping and indoor decorations throughout her home and for her children’s homes.

She had a love for cats as well as loved to feed the birds and squirrels in her backyard. In her free time, she enjoyed playing the card game solitaire on her laptop and watch design shows. Her greatest joys in her life were her children and grandchildren.

Jeanette Cagle is survived by her husband, Roy Cagle of 35 years. Her oldest daughter, Michelle Marrero; son, Mark Emerson; second oldest daughter, Melissa Emerson; youngest daughter, Casey Howell. Her survived grandchildren Timothy Poff and Christina (Michelle’s Children); Ayrielle Emerson and Kennedy Emerson (Mark’s Children); Chance Emerson and Styles Walker (Melissa’s Children); and Derek, Myranda, Amber, and Leam Duro (Casey’s Children). She survived one great-grandchild Aden Mahoney (Christina’s child) Jeanette Cagle passed away in Deltona, Florida, on July 4th, 2021, holding the hand of her husband, Roy Cagle.

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The things I wish we could talk about right now grandma I miss you everyday and wish I could hear your voice again. Till we see each other again watch over Aden and I.

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