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John Stanley Wolf

John Stanley Wolf


Was a loving Husband, Father, Grand Father, Great Grandfather, Brother In Law and Son. He led a truly amazing life that not many people are fortunate enough to experience. From being a Highway Patrol Man to owning and operating a farm there was nothing he could not do.

He touched the lives of everyone he met, which was a very long list due to his inability to walk past anyone without sparking a conversation. He was always the man that was there the moment you needed him and gave whatever he had to anyone that needed it. Even In his final days he never stopped giving love to his family when they needed it most. Hard work was something that ran through his blood, he finally retired at 70 years old.

Once he finally retired, he could be found fishing at the pier or vacationing in the mountains with his family. His life and legacy will be continued through his wife Mary Wolf, three children John Wolf, Mary Wolf Bruno & Mark Wolf. What he taught and instilled in his family runs deep and will not stop there. He will also be lived out by his 7 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren who all had the opportunity to know and love him. He will be deeply missed.

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