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Joyce Marie Hatchett

Joyce Marie Hatchett


Joyce Marie Hatchett was born in Charleston, MO in 1946 to her parents Rosemary Hatchett and Joel Hatchett. She was born to a family of 2 girls and 4 boys. From a young age, Joyce showed a high aptitude for education. She not only pursued her own education, but she also taught many others during her time with us. Joyce earned her Bachelor of Science and Business Administration from Union College in 1982. Joyce went on to earn her Master of Divinity in 1989 and Doctorate of Ministry/Grief in 2005 from Andrews University. In 2009 she became a missionary teacher in Seoul, South Korea at the University of Seoul for one year. Joyce was a praying woman and she participated in the Seventh Day Adventist Church in many outreach programs, women’s ministries, and she conducted many sermons as an ordained minister.

On April 23, 2022, Joyce passed away, leaving us with a legacy of accomplishment and unity. Joyce is survived by her four children Regina, Patricia, Michael, and Joseph. Her 7 grandchildren Keisha, Sarah, Jasmine, Amanda, Samantha, Malik, and Eleanor. Also, by her great grandchildren Elijah, Aniyah, Ayda, and Marie. Joyce always went far beyond what was expected of her, she was an honored and loved woman of God and she is now with her Savior. Leaving behind only love, light, and grace, she is loved and missed greatly by all who knew her.

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