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Ramon Teodoro Delgado

Ramon Teodoro Delgado


Ramon Teodoro Delgado, 33, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday Nov 24, 2022 in Deland, FL.

He is survived by his mother, Teresa Lekich, fiancé Chelsea Feener, sisters Angelica Delgado and Cheri Hughes, brother Phillip Williamson and daughter Anabelle Pearl Lynn. He was a beloved uncle to nine nieces and nephews. Ramon was preceded in death by his father, Teodoro Delgado Gonzalez.

Ramon was born and raised in Deland, Florida. He attended Deland High School and received his diploma from Daytona Beach Community College. Ramon enlisted in the United States Army in 2008. He received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Army Reserves in 2016.

Ramon always loved the outdoors. He was an avid hiker, biker and kayaker. Following his discharge from the Army he became a seasonal forestry firefighter and traveled all over the country during the different fire seasons. After residing in Cody, Wyoming, he eventually returned to where he called home, Florida. He purchased his first home in 2020, settling down in Tallahassee, and began his position as a dispatcher for the US Forestry Service at the Florida Interagency Coordination Center.

Ramon specialized in protecting the outdoors; He worked for the US Forest Service, Agency of the US Department of Agriculture and under the US Department of Labor was a Wildland Firefighter Specialist having graduated from Wyoming Fire Academy.

Ramon is missed beyond what can be put into any words, and he is loved even more.

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