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Sandra Lee Wertenberger-Jones

Sandra Lee Wertenberger-Jones


Sandra L. Jones was called home to her Heavenly reward on February 12, 2021, after a very brief illness. A life long Christian and member of the United Methodist Church, she was born on December 3, 1941, to parents Paul E. & Florence L. Wertenberger in Wooster Ohio where she spent her early years in a loving home, the daughter of a Farmers Insurance Salesman and an Ohio Public School Teacher.

Hints of her industrious nature were exhibited at an early age when she saved up money earned from babysitting to purchase a Baldwin upright piano where she spent hours practicing helping instill in her a lifelong love of music. A high light of her early musical endeavors was performing at Radio City Music Hall with a high school girl's choir. Popular and well-liked by friends and classmates she was voted May Queen her senior year.

After high school, she would graduate nursing school fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a nurse. Her career choice suited her caring nature and those who worked with her heap praise upon her abilities and thoroughness. Many physicians and coworkers have described her as, "The best nurse I have ever worked with", high praise she wore with her typical humility.

Introduced by a mutual friend to an affable young soldier from Kentucky, she found her future husband, Wayde. They fell madly in love and married in 1961 at an Ft. Knox chapel after the U.S. Army unit he was assigned to was given orders to go on alert, disrupting an already meticulously planned wedding that was to have taken place in her home town. After Wayde's return from an assignment in Germany and moving to Florida they spent the ensuing years raising three children, Tammi, Jeff, and Doug in a loving home. Supportive of them all in myriad ways, whether it was attending every single ball game, band recital, or practice, their endless guidance, and encouragement could always be counted on whatever the endeavor. When the "empty nest" occurred, she and Wayde were more than ready. They especially enjoyed traveling America in their RV until he preceded her in death in 2004.

Through the decades, she received countless hours of joy from her time spent among her beloved friends as a member of the DeLeon Springs United Methodist Church whom she considered family. She positively loved being a member of the church and singing in the choir. It was a joy and passion she shared with her late-life partner, Terry Palmer. Together they found love and companionship no one could have foreseen but through life's circumstances, they enjoyed.

Mom was a mentor to many and a role model for decency and love. Through example and belief in right and wrong, she served all who knew her whether it was through the caring touch of a nurse, or the love and wise counsel of a mother or friend.

Her spirit shall be sorely missed by those family and friends she leaves behind. She is survived by her daughter, Tammi Minger, her husband Roger, and their children Cader and Heather; Her eldest son Jeffrey, his wife Kelly and their two daughters Olivia and Victoria and her youngest son, Douglas, and his wife Amy. Her loss is also deeply felt by Terry Palmer and his daughters, Carole, Jenny, and Katy.

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