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Thomas Gabriel Bruno

Thomas Gabriel Bruno


Thomas Gabriel Bruno was born on December 29, 1975 in Dayton, Ohio to his proud parents Gabriel and Martha Bruno. He was a loving Husband, Father, Grandfather, Son and Brother. He was always the proud protector of his family that never backed down from a challenge. Even with his strong opinions he was always your biggest fan and supported you in all endeavors and never failed to be there when you needed him most. He was a car enthusiast with a love for aviation. He touched the lives of many people as he was a beloved Director of Aircraft Maintenance for 26 years. In 1998 he met the love of his life Mary Beth Bruno whom which he shared 24 beautiful years of marriage with. He was the father to three daughters; Baylee, Mary and Savannah Bruno. At 46 years of age his life was cut short, but in those 46 years he lived more than most people do in their entire life. Thomas’s legacy will live on through his wife Mary Beth, daughters Baylee, Mary and Savannah, grandsons Luke and Layton, son in law Tyler, his brother Nick and sister Anna, mother and father Gabriel and Martha Bruno.

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