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Eileen McGlumphy

Eileen McGlumphy


Eileen McGlumphy, 88, passed away peacefully in her home with family at her side on December 15, 2021. She was born December 14, 1934 in Bradenton, FL. She graduated from St. Pete College. Eileen met Thomas A. McGlumphy when she was 13 and married him when she was 21. They raised their children, Richard T. McGlumphy and Joylynn McGlumphy in Holly Hill, FL and have lived there for the past 61 years. Eileen sang with the Sweet Adelines for 30 years, which she enjoyed very much. She was an active member of the Highlands Presbyterian Church for 25 years and then attended the Port Orange Presbyterian Church. In addition to taking care of home, family, and friends, Tom counted on her to handle all bookkeeping, appointments, and office responsibilities associated with the tree business.

Eileen was predeceased by her son, Richard. She is survived by her husband, Thomas, her daughter, Joylynn, her granddaughter, Danielle McGlumphy, and her great grandson, Billy Monterio.

A celebration of life will be held at a later date.

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