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Issac Timothy Morrison

Issac Timothy Morrison


Issac Timothy Morrison, Mommy and Daddy’s little man, Born on 6/30/2021 weighing 1 lb 15 oz at 14 inches long. Issac was a wonder child with beauty, life and innocence. He was the angel his parent’s asked for. In his short life he lived a full life of love, a love most of us hope to achieve. From his birth he was an explorer, a dreamer and most importantly a fighter.

He never stopped amazing his nurses and doctors with his willingness to fight and his playful nature. But God foreseen something we did not and called him home. While this is not the end of his story, we believe it is a beginning for him because we know when God calls us home he will be waiting for us in heaven.

While he waits in Heaven he is looking down at us playing with those of his family who have passed on before him. In loving memory Issac Timothy Morrison 7/16/2021. May he never be forgotten and always loved. He is safe in God’s arms until we meet again.

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