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Jillian Cathleen Herzog Obituary

Jillian Cathleen Herzog Obituary


Jillian Cathleen Herzog, born October 1st, 2001, was taken from us much too soon at only age 19, on May 30th, 2021.

As a child, Jillian was considered one of “Life’s Miracles”. She started her life in the Neo-Natal-ICU with a low probability of survival. She was placed in Hospice because her doctors gave her “no chance of survival”. She successfully fought to overcome every diagnosis given her from birth and emerged as a beacon of hope to all whose paths she crossed.

Jill grew to become a courageous young lady who readily shared her bright smile and genuine love for others despite the serious medical challenges she faced throughout her brief life. She delighted in making new friends, enjoyed traveling outside of her home, and loved watching travel videos of the places she longed to visit. She held fond memories of places she saw as a child, especially Las Vegas.

She was especially close to her younger brother Robert (Robbie), and younger sister Rylie. Despite her limitations, while growing up she regularly joined them in family activities at home and local trips in the community. Even during her last illness, Jill would brighten the day of family and friends with daily visits via the electronic portal that she managed.

Jillian completed her education through the 12th grade at Deland High School and graduated in 2020. Despite the Pandemic, her achievement was celebrated by family, friends, and neighbors with a “traveling graduation party” in which she visited each neighbor in her cap and gown.

Jillian is survived by her mother, Kathryn M. Herzog, and father, David Barrow, her Maternal Grandmother, “MeMaw”, Christine Herzog, and “Papa”, Larry Rosen, her Paternal Grandparents Wylie and Rose Barrow, her Uncle, Richard Welles, her brother Robert Herzog and sister Rylie Barrow.

We were fortunate to experience the warmth of her endearing smile, her boundless joy, and her enduring spirit of hope. Jillian’s legacy to us is the example she set by living each day to her full capacity and always believing in a better future.

Jillian is loved and will be greatly missed by family, friends, and all the medical professionals that helped her battle each challenge. A Life Celebration will be held Friday, June 11 at 11:00 AM , at Lankford Funeral Home at 220 East New York Ave., Deland, FL.

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the Special Needs Ability Program, Inc (SNAP), PO Box 391438, Deltona, FL 32739

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