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Ralph Martin Ruzicka

Ralph Martin Ruzicka


Ralph was born in the Bahamas on July 29th, 1968 and lived there all of his adult life. He met the love of his life, Sheila 33 years ago. He fished and hunted in the Bahamas for many years & later began building homes. Through his diving, he explored caves in the waters of the Bahamas and discovered a cave that was named after him. He became a master craftsman & built many thatch huts and homes throughout the islands. Many of the homes he built withstood hurricane Dorian. Hurricane destroyed the islands in September 2019 and he moved back to Florida to be closer to family. He loved to tell stories and always brought laughter and smiles to the faces of everyone who loved him. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

He is survived by his wife Sheila Ruzicka (Pierson, FL), father John Ruzicka (Monticello, FL), mother Iris Russell (Monticello, FL), sister Beth Ruzicka (DeLand, FL), brother James Ruzicka (Pierson, FL), brother-in-law Kenny Massing (DeLand, FL), nephew James Caden Ruzicka (Lee County, FL), and nieces Iris Kora Wilhoyte & Kaya Simmons (DeLand, FL)

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