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Thomas "Mac" Mcglumphy

Thomas "Mac" Mcglumphy


Tom was born Jan. 11, 1935 in Deland, FL to Thomas (Mac) Mcglumphy and Mary Green Mcglumphy (both deceased). He grew up in Deland. At age 11 he went to Mount Dora church camp where he met the girl he would later marry Eileen Clark.

Upon graduation from Deland High School Tom and 3 of his friends packed up an old pickup truck and, with $300 between them, traveled cross country to California and back. One of the adventures he always spoke of was the Grand Canyon. How beautiful it was. How they ran to the bottom. How they huffed back up.

When Tom returned from the trip, he in-listed in the Army. He was stationed in Germany and went to Austria to climb the Alps. When his tour was over, he came home and attended the College of Forestry at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

In 1935, Tom married Eileen Clark, the love of his life. After graduating from college, Tom and Eileen moved to the Daytona Beach area. In1957, Tom started Complete Tree Service. The business was very successful. Tom was know for excellent service, honesty, and always did what he said he would do. To his employees he was known as " Do it right the first time Tom". In addition to running the business, Tom and Eileen raised two children, Richard (Red) and Joy Lynn.

Tom was a member of Highlands Presbyterian Church for 20+ years and then Port Orange Presbyterian Church where he enjoyed being on the grounds crew. He was also a member of the Sunset Lions Club for 30+ years. Tom was always known for his lively since of humor, hard work, and honesty. He was always there to lend a hand to anyone in need.

Tom lost his son Richard, in 2016 and his wife of 63 years Eileen, in 2021. After a long lung illness, Tom passed away peacefully, in his home, with his daughter, Joy Lynn and niece Jane, and nephew Joe by his side. A memorial service will be held at a later date.

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